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Friday, August 6, 2010

Tags, Tags, and More Tags

In addition to being crazy about banners, I find myself totally in love with "Tags". Any shape, any size, any color will do. I love creating them and find they are a really great "warm up" before starting a major project. Quick, fun, and a great way to include scraps of favorite papers that you just couldn't bare to toss, collectables, and other precious little pieces. I make tags when I am in a creative funk! I grab a handfull of precut tags (either that I have done on the cricut, or purchased) place them on cardboard, and spray them with Glimmer Mist or rub inks into them. Sometimes I even dab them with paint-pretty much just anything will do. Then I rummage through my scrap bin for papers, laces and other what-nots while the tags are drying. (Make sure you hit both sides of the tags with whatever your back ground is. They look so much more finished that way.)

When the tags are dry and I have a little treasure store of materials I head off to the open floor and spread everything around me. I start pairing tags up with the papers and things I have gathered (maybe even some old photos, bits of cards, anything your eye falls upon really!) and start pasting everything down. Once I have the papers adhered to the tags, I decide if I want to do some stamping or inking and then it is time for all the fun little bits of laces, ribbon, buttons, or myriads of other objects you want to try. It really is such fun. Unfortunately, sometimes, I get so caught up in what I am doing, I forget that this was supposed to be just a little exercise to get me ready for my big project. Many a day, I have used all my creative time on the little tags and then the "what I was supposed to do" has to be put of until tomorrow. Oh well. The tags are happy and I am too!


  1. Hey Tag-Pro, I need your help on a tag project...
    I want to make tags out of all of my bridal shower wrapping paper...and maybe put wedding pictures on the back side (?) but I could use some embellishing inspiration from you!

  2. woooo first post all by yourself!!!! I am so proud and I love the picture! You are a genius at tag making!